Once you submit a request to DataTech, you will be contacted with specific questions about the files, and device or media from which your data will be recovered. 

Arrangements for transferring your device to DataTech will be determined, and if needed, a prepaid shipping label will be provided. 

When the device is received, a quote will be generated, and if accepted, your data will be recovered. 

If DataTech discovers advanced processes are required, you will be contacted and DataTech will discuss your options.  If you desire, DataTech will facilitate that process with our partner Gillware Data Recovery.

You will not be charged by DataTech unless you have agreed to the quote and your data is recovered.



Digital recovery requires specialized knowledge, skills, and experience. At DataTech, Carla Carter, an experienced law enforcement forensics examiner, has the ability to handle the most challenging digital recovery situations. A reliable assessment is provided at no cost to the customer. Our goal is to recover your data using the most cost-effective process available.