Question 1

What is the cost of data recovery services:

The recovery costs are determined by the process required. If the hard drive, sd card, or other media are in working order, it may require little work to recover the files. However, if the media is malfunctioning, other methods may be required to access and recover that data. The hourly rate for a data recovery professional in the US typically costs anywhere from $200 to $300 per hour depending on the location, skill, and educational background of the engineer. DataTech attempts to recover your files using the most cost effective process. We consider your trust and referrals as our most important asset to furthering our business. A no cost evaluation is performed and an initial cost range can be provided. Please call us at (630) 448-0145, or follow the submit request option at the top right of this page..

Question 2

How does data get lost?

There are various reasons for data loss. Some of the most common are computer viruses, data corruption, operator error, static discharge.

Question 3

How does data get recovered?

Often, data is in fact not gone, but just not accessible to the user. For example, when a user deletes a file, the file remains on the hard drive, but the user's access (shortcut) to that file has been removed. 

The forensic process goes behind the scenes using software and hardware tools designed to access those areas containing the data, and in the best case scenario simply recovers the file(s).

However, various conditions may make the process more difficult. If the drive has failed, often the drive must be taken apart in a clean room to access the discs in a safe environment. This is an expensive and intricate process. In this case, you would be referred to our partner company Gillware, who specializes in difficult cases. 

Data that has been overwritten by new data is also not recoverable. To avoid this, it is imperative that you immediately stop using the device and contact a professional.